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MacMaster | eCFO provides five categories of professional services:  coaching, consulting, recruiting, continuing professional education, and research.  These services derive from integrating expertise in financial management, venture planning & development, training & developing professionals, and related research. 


Services are targeted to five markets:  growth-oriented entrepreneurial enterprises, venture capitalists, CFOs, professional & research candidates, and education institutes  or associations for financial professionals.


Scroll down for a brief description of each service and how it can help you or your enterprise ascend to a higher level of performance.

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Helping you or your team to become your best self (selves) in the role(s) you desire. Professional coaching services are available for teams of high-growth entrepreneurial ventures or on an individual basis for CFOs in high-growth ventures, CPA candidates, and PhD candidates in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, management, or a similar discipline.

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Leveraging my diverse expertise to help your enterprise take advantage of opportunities and solve problems - primarily in entrepreneurial finance.

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Recruiting services are limited to finding a 'best fit' eCFO for your growth venture.

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Continuing Professional Education

Development & delivery of tailored programs for professional organizations, associations, groups, or individual enterprises. My unique focus is helping participants think critically about delivering what I call "PVA" (professional value-added).

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Qualitative research using a financial management lens perspective to reveal deeper understanding & meaning of phenomena in financial management and venture investing, primarily related to high-growth entrepreneurial ventures.

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