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Teams, Teamliness, and Team Effectiveness Explained

‘Teams’ has been an organizational buzzword for two decades. We watch team sports; perhaps even play them. We have so-called teams at work. But, do we really understand what makes entrepreneurial teams most effective … and how to design and manage them to be so? Because let’s face it – for some activities, “it is difficult to clap with one hand”!

A working understanding of teams, dyads, and social interaction in the entrepreneurial context is essential for both research and practice. But, how many of us have received any specialized training during our lifetime on team design, team building, team effectiveness, and team maintenance? Or, how many of us have had the luxury of sufficient time to read and research these ideas? Such an understanding is critical to my PhD research and to my post-doc coaching practice because:

1. Teams can be more effective at creating & sustaining value than solo entrepreneurs;
2. VCs do not know how to adequately assess teams;
3. Different types of teams are required for different entrepreneurial purposes;
4. CFOs or other professionally-qualified financial managers are key members of entrepreneurial management teams; and,
5. The theoretical support for team effectiveness in psychology and organization/management literature lends credibility to the research findings in my PhD dissertation.

This articles condenses what we know about teams, teamliness, and team effectiveness into a single handy reference for researchers and practitioners alike.

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