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Team Composition & Development

Understanding how teams are often formed and evolve or develop will provide the reader with insights they can use about designing, developing, and sustaining teams for specific purposes. In my PhD research, the ultimate purpose is the balanced composition of an entrepreneurial management team that understands how to collaborate and is effective in creating and sustaining enterprise performance and value accretion.

I recommend conscious consideration be given to: (1) team composition as early in the forming stage as possible; and, (2) that key stakeholders (e.g. owners / investors such as VCs and the EL/CEO) not only prepare themselves for some time for development, but actively sponsor such development and monitor its progress, just as they would any task related to enterprise performance. This approach will translate into recruiting criteria, not just for filling the functional chairs around the executive table “to get the (preconceived) job done”, but to consider elements of person-group fit and the interpersonal synergies that can enhance team effectiveness and with it, enterprise performance – including a possible compression of its timeline.

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