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Introducing ... Entrepreneurial Management Teams ('eMTs')

Extant literature in entrepreneurship research discusses "entrepreneurial teams". But, my PhD dissertation distinguishes between two types of entrepreneurial teams corresponding to the exploration and exploitation phases in the Venture Life Cycle. These are: Founding Teams (focused on problem-solution innovations) and Entrepreneurial Management Teams (responsible for commercialization, growth, and value realization). This distinction has important practical implications for team composition & development and venture investing decisions & success. Thus, it should be understood not just by team leaders, but by all team members and sponsors of team development (my recommendation is that this is a potential role for VCs). It is also important for researchers to make this distinction in entrepreneurial teams to facilitate comparison of studies for relevance.

There are two versions of the full articles (PDF): one for academics, and one for practitioners (entrepreneur-leaders, VCs, and CFOs).

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