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MacMaster | eCFO:    coaching entrepreneurial management teams & CFOs



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I coach management teams & CFOs in growth-oriented entrepreneurial ventures. 

The goal:  to help you create teamliness and develop & sustain team effectiveness, which is essential for achieving meaningful enterprise  performance - particularly value creation. 


Accomplishing this goal creates eteams & eCFOs and enhances your venture's likelihood of achieving its next milestone - such as capturing your next level of private equity investment.

Coaching entrepreneurial management teams is the culmination of my life's work.  As a financial services professional, CFO & shareholder in several ventures, and most recently a researcher,  I have been committed to discovering how to make these teams fire on all cylinders to generate meaningful results in financial performance, social interactions, and enterprise learning. 


Your team may have its key functional talent in place but you feel something is missing.  Sometimes, this functional diversity seems like a source of conflict or tension.  You dream of performing like an elite sports team but haven't been able to gel.  Based on a decade of research, I believe I can help your team discover how to overcome these challenges and elevate your effectiveness.  I am committed to helping every client team achieve these aims and have a wealth of unique knowledge & experience to support you in the process.  


Learn more about which coaching service is right for you here.  Or, contact me directly to discuss how I can help your enterprise team thrive and capture & sustain the engagement of your investment partners! 

... / Brad

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